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Trendy Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

Posted on June 30, 2015.

Remodeling any aspect of your home is a major endeavor, but kitchen remodeling can be particularly challenging. A kitchen done properly can be a major asset and feature for your home. It is worthwhile to do a little extra planning so you can to have a smooth process and a successful finished product.

Think Through Your Kitchen Needs

Before you begin your search for images of your dream kitchen, take a few moments to consider how you use the space as it is currently arranged and what you would benefit from changing. Is the general layout of the kitchen counters and placement of the appliances working? If not, sketch out a few ideas for how the footprint could be improved in your kitchen remodeling. Do a few measurements to determine how much additional space you may have to work if you were to extend a countertop here or add an island there. Make sure to factor in wiggle room space and ensure there will be a good flow for traffic in and about the kitchen.

Make a Plan and Hire Help

When you have thought through some of the goals you would like to accomplish with kitchen remodeling, you are ready to formulate a scope of work and decide on your initial budget for the project. A scope of work is a detailed plan that outlines the extent of the demolition, building, and finishing required for your new kitchen. Then, hire the professionals you will need to help you with the contracts, designs, and construction for the remodeling job from beginning to completion. These professionals will help you with the floor plans and details like cabinet sizes. In addition, you will need to select fixtures and finishes and create a list. Here are some details for you to consider:

• Cabinet materials

• Countertops

• Appliances

• Sink and faucets

• Light fixtures

• Back splash

• Flooring

It can be tempting to jump straight to selecting finishes and features, but if you start by planning a truly functional layout for your kitchen, you will find your remodeled kitchen will be much more useful in the long run.